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February 2024: A Look at Greater Cairo's Top OOH Campaigns

April 2, 2024 3 weeks ago
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February 2024 witnessed a surge in outdoor advertising across Greater Cairo, with real estate leading the charge. A whopping 15 out of the Top 20 campaigns belonged to this booming sector, showcasing a significant increase in branding efforts. While real estate dominated the scene, E-commerce and Telecommunications also made their mark, securing spots on the most prominent billboards. This mix of industries reflects a dynamic OOH market in Greater Cairo, highlighting both established players and those vying for attention.

Noteworthy Changes

Real estate remains the undisputed king of OOH advertising in Egypt. This month, it claimed a massive share of the market, occupying well over 70% of the Top 20 campaigns.

Top Five Campaigns

  1. Roya Developments (103 ad faces):
    Following their recent summer campaign, Roya Developments dominated Cairo's billboards with a powerful message promoting their "Big Business District" in New Cairo. The developer opted for a sleek, minimalist approach.  Stark black backgrounds allowed the message to take center stage, exuding sophistication and professionalism. This clean aesthetic perfectly resonated with their target audience: ambitious individuals seeking a modern and prestigious environment for their businesses. But the impact wasn't just visual. The tagline itself, "Where big things happen," pulsed with ambition, sparking curiosity and hinting at the boundless potential within the Big Business District.
  2. Square One ( 95 ad faces):
    New Cairo beckons those seeking an elevated lifestyle. Exclusive neighborhoods, private villas, and top-tier services paint a picture of luxury at every turn. Billboards lining the streets showcase this opulent living.Among these, one stands out: Square One, a game-changing project by HDP. This 10-acre development, nestled beside Square One Mall, seamlessly blends modern homes with top-notch amenities. Here, residents can embrace a life of effortless comfort and innovative design. This elegant marketing strategy has extended to West Cairo, gracing the Zayed Digital Boards, ensuring that the allure of refined living is broadcast to an even wider audience, beckoning them to a space where elegance meets ease.
  3. Jazebeya (87 ad faces):
    Upwyde Developments isn't holding back in 2024! Following their December 2023 campaign launch in Cairo, they've unveiled another attention-grabbing OOH campaign across Egypt. This time, the focus is on promoting their latest project, Jazebeya, with a heavy presence in the 6th of October City, particularly El-Sheikh Zayed.But that's not all! Upwyde is running a parallel OOH campaign in New Cairo to showcase their commercial project, Three Valleys. It seems they're strategically targeting different areas to reach various audiences with their diverse offerings.
  4. Avelin (85 ad faces):
    New Cairo's ever-growing skyline pulsates with the energy of its residents. Avelin, a new masterpiece by Times Developments, seamlessly blends into this dynamic landscape.  These eye-catching billboards announce Avelin's arrival, promising a breath of fresh air and a luxurious new chapter. Spanning 21 feddans, Avelin is meticulously crafted to be a haven for both living and commerce. Every detail is designed to create a harmonious environment where residents can thrive.
  5. Breadfast (72 ad faces):
    Breadfast bathes Greater Cairo's streets in its signature purple magenta with a new OOH campaign! This vibrant takeover follows their February 2022 campaign in Cairo. Eye-catching visuals showcase happy clients enjoying Breadfast's services across various formats and locations on busy roads throughout the city.Celebrating 7 years of success in Egypt, the campaign boasts multiple taglines alongside the Breadfast logo, website, and a call to action for app downloads. It's a testament to their growth, further highlighted by their 2022 nomination for Best Startup in the E-commerce category at Egypt's prestigious Entrepreneur Awards.
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February 2024's OOH landscape in Greater Cairo buzzed with activity, with real estate solidifying its dominance (over 70% of the Top 20 campaigns) through increased branding efforts. Roya Developments' "Where big things happen" and Square One's focus on luxury living in New Cairo exemplified this trend. Upwyde Developments wasn't far behind, promoting their Jazebeya project in 6th of October City. However, the market wasn't a one-horse race. Avelin's promise of a harmonious living and commercial environment, alongside Breadfast's celebratory campaign marking 7 years of e-commerce success, showcased the dynamism of this space. February serves as a testament to the power of OOH advertising in reaching diverse audiences, and with its ever-evolving nature, future months promise even more captivating campaigns.

To get a full picture of the other 20 top campaigns in Cairo's OOH rankings, check out the accompanying visuals.

Additionally, for a deeper dive into February 2024 Market Insights, explore detailed data and statistics for the latest analysis of Cairo's billboard landscape.

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