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Concrete World’s New Launch OOH Advertising Campaign to Tell All
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Concrete World’s New Launch OOH Advertising Campaign to Tell All

February 13, 2024 1 week ago
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In the fiercely competitive landscape of real estate, the power of a bold statement in advertising is unparalleled. Picture cruising through the streets of Greater Cairo, where massive billboards announce the grand entrance of a revolutionary force in the thriving real estate industry. Concrete Development, a name synonymous with expertise, appears in a city-wide spectacle that captures attention and sets the tone for a new era.

These billboards aren't just static displays; they unfold a word-centric branding campaign, a vivid representation of Concrete Development's unwavering commitment to excellence. As a distinguished entity in real estate, Concrete Development excels in development, project management, and tailoring bespoke residential and investment solutions. The very core of its establishment is to inject modernity and professionalism into the industry, and these billboards are the prologue to that narrative. 

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"It's Concrete's World" proudly adorns each billboard, a clever play on words that not only aligns with the brand name but also reflects the strength and reliability inherent in Concrete Development. Bold and striking, each one proudly proclaims "New Launch Now" in vivid red – a concrete affirmation of the company's dynamic and ever-progressing nature. In a city where first impressions matter, Concrete Development has seized the opportunity to make an indelible mark.

You can learn more about this campaign’s budget, OOH kinds, locations, and more by visiting MOOH, Egypt, and the Emirates OOH-dedicated analysis system, and Media Intelligence.

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