Every month, we keep on tracking the outdoor advertising scene on Cairo's OOH scene to monitor its ebbs and flows, and to see how it changes. The month of September has witnessed a consistent momentum of OOH activity, as our monthly analyses and reports have revealed. According to the data and statistics that were received from the previous month, it has shown a very small dip in the market occupancy rate, where about 72% of the OOH ad spaces are occupied, leaving about 28% of the billboards available for new outdoor media campaigns, with a 2% decrease when compared to August .     

According to our data, the overall number of campaigns in September has slightly decreased, with just 150 campaigns landing on the scene, compared to 152 total campaigns in August. The ongoing campaigns this month have witnessed a decrease as well, dropping to 83 running campaigns, while August’s count amounted to 96. However, the number of new campaigns increased from 56 to 67.

As for the industries that cover the lion’s share of Cairo’s billboards, it is obvious that the real estate industry is still topping the chart, as it controls 42% of the market space. The telecommunication industry comes next in the 2nd place on the chart with 11% of the market share,with a 2% increase compared to the previous month. The FMCG and healthcare industries have both tied for third place, with 7% occupancy rate, followed by the Foodservice industry with 6%. The Automotive industry has regressed to the fifth spot, as it ranked in the third place in the preceding month.

Visit MOOH, our partnering OOH media intelligence firm and analytic system in Cairo and Dubai, for more information on the campaign budget, OOH types, location, and more. It maintains track of what’s going on with the billboards in terms of advertisers, campaign budgets, media planning, and OOH types, among other things. You can explore the top 20 campaigns that dominated Cairo’s billboards this month through https://insiteooh.com/article/5293-jumia-leads-the-top-20-campaigns-in-september-with-new-real-estate-developers-entering-the-arena-to-heat-up-the-competition

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