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Property Finder's D/OOH We Open Doors Initiative makes a strong comeback in Dubai
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Property Finder's D/OOH We Open Doors Initiative makes a strong comeback in Dubai

April 1, 2024 2 weeks ago
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Dubai’s streets are witnessing the striking resurgence of Property Finder’s ‘We Open Doors’ campaign. Capitalizing on strategic billboard placements along high-traffic highways and intersections, the campaign guarantees high visibility, drawing the eyes of drivers and passengers alike. With its use of vivid red and white hues, the billboards echo the company’s identity, fostering strong brand recognition.

The campaign's masterstroke lies in its simplicity and clarity. “We Open Doors” not only stands out for its catchy phrasing and protruding visuals but also encapsulates Property Finder’s mission to ease the property search process. The billboards, adorned with cityscapes and skyscraper images, directly speak to urban dwellers and potential homebuyers, enhancing relevance and connection.

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Acknowledging Dubai’s cultural diversity, the ads feature both English and Arabic, ensuring inclusivity. Moreover, the call-to-action “Download the App” directly engages the audience, prompting immediate action.

Notably, the design elements are harmoniously integrated with Dubai’s cityscape, ensuring the ads stand out without visual conflict. The campaign showcases Property Finder’s savvy in out-of-home advertising, which has seen similar successes in their Cairo campaign, where they combined local elements and red balloons to evoke a sense of celebration and positivity.

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