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Dyson Airstrait, Dubai's Latest Haircare Obsession on Digital Outdoor Spaces
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Dyson Airstrait, Dubai's Latest Haircare Obsession on Digital Outdoor Spaces

April 1, 2024 3 weeks ago
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We’ve seen every girl lately obsess over the revolutionary Dyson products! With a new campaign in Dubai hitting the digital out-of-home Emirati scene during the third week of March, with exclusive colors and a new product launch, Dyson is causing a world-wide buzz that’s certainly inspiring. Their latest airstrait launch is literally the best of both worlds. In one step, you can both dryen and straighten your hair. 

Dyson stuck to its classical path, which is monochromatic with a clear message about the product, emphasizing how damageless the product is with minimum heat and minimum damage, leaving only the exclusive blue airstrait as the main center of attention. And another visual claimed the exclusivity of this color when you shop through their website in the UAE.

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Dyson’s technology brought about a massive change in hair styling techniques, with no heat and a seamless experience. Dyson clearly made its way with very different branding and positioning. Focusing on sleek and neat designs and a technology ahead of its time that solves endless problems and avoids a variety of hair issues.

What’s worth mentioning is that Dyson recently launched an OOH awareness campaign in June 2023, promoting the Dyson Supersonic on hoarding billboards in Dubai.

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