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For Faster, Cheaper Trips, Use inDrive, an OOH Campaign To Promote

For Faster, Cheaper Trips, Use inDrive, an OOH Campaign To Promote

May 19, 2024 6 days ago
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InDrive, one of the pioneering transportation services and mobile apps in Egypt with more than 200 million downloads internationally, has climbed back on Greater Cairo’s OOH space after its prior appearance in May 2023, standing for a safer community. InDrive is currently promoting fair prices and the idea that riders can choose the best offer and their own price, riding with verified drivers of their choice and customers can choose the drivers based on their ratings, reviews, and car. InDrive also provides door-to-door service where consumers can be picked up and dropped off directly at their desired location.

InDrive have also previously displayed the fact that the company cares about the audience’s safety offering a rating system where users give their honest feedback after each ride, mandatory checks where all drivers must pass background checks, as well as a safety button which can be tapped quickly to contact the police or emergency services. 

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The campaign uses the ad copy “The Number 1 Application For Faster and Cheaper Trips” as well as the tagline “Because It's Faster and Cheaper”. Other visuals display the copy “#1 InDrive”. Stand-alone visuals use the word “Cheaper” only while on the other hand, some visuals use the word “Faster” alone. Other billboards showcase the sentence “The Number 1 Intelligent Transportation App In Egypt” and others display “The #1 App”. 

The campaign sticks to the main brand color, lime green, which represents health, life, and prosperity, and takes the well-thought-out path to long term happiness along with finding a pleasant balance that is suitable for the ad. 

Check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), a specialist media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo & Dubai, to learn more about this campaign.

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