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Lego’s Certified Stores Pop Up On Dubai’s DOOH Landscape with Their Exciting Brick Rewards

Lego’s Certified Stores Pop Up On Dubai’s DOOH Landscape with Their Exciting Brick Rewards

May 17, 2024 1 week ago
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Danish toy company LEGO is back in Dubai’s digital outdoor advertising space, after their prior appearance in October 2023 alongside the American toy, and baby product retailer Toys ‘R’ Us, raising awareness of their Free Bricktober Fairytale Gift. The entertainment industry is back once again with the launch of “Lego’s Certified Stores”, showcasing their intriguing “Lego Brick Rewards”. 

The campaign encourages audiences to become members today and sends the message that playing can now be rewarding

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The advertisement uses the ad copy “Earn AED 5 Cash Back” which refers to the fact that people can now receive AED 5 vouchers on every purchase worth AED 200 in LEGO Certified Stores and at “”. 

The campaign convinces consumers to “Join Now In-Store & Online” and also highlights Lego’s “SHARE APP” whereby people can earn points on every order and redeem points. Buyers will be able to see their points in one place, the rewards center, where points, vouchers, and history will be visible. The Brick Rewards system also offers customers points as they shop, valuable rewards, early access to exclusive LEGO sets, and monthly promotions. The campaign portrays a golden LEGO brick which is the main theme, and is very eye-catching on the road. 

The campaign was launched during the first week of May and was distributed on digital screens and uni-poles across Dubai. Get more in-depth details about the OOH industry by visiting  Insiteopedia and navigating through its different sections.

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