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Prices to be Decreased by Bosch to have a life-long Home Appliances on OOH
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Prices to be Decreased by Bosch to have a life-long Home Appliances on OOH

May 16, 2024 1 week ago
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In today's competitive landscape, grabbing the attention of potential customers requires innovative and targeted marketing strategies. Billboards, while a traditional advertising method, can still be effective when used strategically. This is particularly true when considering the language and cultural nuances of the target audience. Let's analyze a recent billboard campaign by Bosch appliances, specifically designed for Arabic-speaking consumers.

In the current OOH campaign, the billboard advertises Bosch home appliances in Arabic. The text at the top of the billboard says “Bosch” in large black letters. Below that is the slogan “Invented for life” in white. The middle of the billboard features a bolded sentence in Arabic that translates to “We reduced prices on all our devices.” Below that is another line in Arabic that translates to “Bosch, the one that lives with us.”

The billboard uses several marketing tactics to try to be persuasive. First, it uses a well-known brand name, Bosch, to establish credibility. Second, it uses a slogan, “Invented for life,” to suggest that Bosch appliances are high quality and built to last. Third, it highlights a sales promotion by stating that they’ve reduced prices on all their appliances. Finally, the billboard uses an emotional appeal by suggesting that Bosch appliances are like a familiar friend, “the one that lives with us.”

The target audience for this billboard is likely Arabic-speaking people in the market for new home appliances. The billboard uses bold colors and text to make it eye-catching for people driving by.

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