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Bahja Residence by Symphony Development for a Colorful Happy Life
Awareness Campaign Residential Project Sheikh Zayed City West Cairo

Bahja Residence by Symphony Development for a Colorful Happy Life

May 15, 2024 1 week ago
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The Bahja Residence billboard campaign by Symphony Development is a visual and emotional success, effectively capturing the essence of a vibrant and joyful lifestyle. The billboards prominently feature images that evoke happiness, with scenes of people enjoying leisure activities like cycling and playing with pets. This emphasis on community and family-friendly environments makes the campaign relatable and appealing.

The dominant use of yellow on the billboards is strategic, as it symbolizes happiness, energy, and optimism. Yellow's brightness grabs attention quickly, which is crucial for outdoor advertising. Complementing this is the use of blue, representing trust, calmness, and reliability. Together, these colors balance each other, creating an energetic yet grounded feel. Green accents further suggest growth, nature, and harmony, reinforcing the promise of a serene living environment.

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The core message, "Your Key to Happiness," is straightforward and relatable, highlighting the project's aim to provide a joyful living experience. Key selling points such as "9 years installment" and "10% down payment" are clearly presented, making the campaign attractive to potential buyers with its flexible financial options.

The Symphony Development logo and contact information are prominently displayed, inviting viewers to learn more. Building on the previous success of the "COMING SOON" and "BUILDING... SYMPHONY... HEART OF ZAYED" billboards, this campaign continues to generate excitement and anticipation for the upcoming project.

To find out more about the campaign’s types, locations, budgets, media plans, and more, visit MOOH, the monitoring out-of-home intelligence data provider in Cairo and Dubai.

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