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Badya University To Be Launched in 2024 as Announced on Cairo’s Billboards

Badya University To Be Launched in 2024 as Announced on Cairo’s Billboards

May 15, 2024 1 week ago
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Badya University spikes Cairo’s outdoor advertising platform with its new campaign stating that it will be launching in 2024. Badya University is a private university in Cairo, Egypt, located in Badya, a city in Cairo’s western suburbs. The institution aims to revolutionize the learning environment for 12,500 students and provide innovative education while looking forward to greeting its first class of students in September 2024 across its five new faculties. 

The campaign highlights that the university will have a; School of Medicine, School of Physical Therapy, School of Dentistry, School of Computing and Data Science, and School of Business Administration and Applied Economics. 

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The visuals focus on the School of Medicine using the ad copy “Redefining the Standard of Medical Education” portraying male and female medical students. Badya University is committed to providing unique and extraordinary, outstanding academic programs to its students through academic relationships with prominent foreign universities. They represent some of Egypt’s top international university partnerships, ensuring that students obtain world-class education. This is reflected in the campaign with the ad copy “In Collaboration with University of Texas Medical Branch”. 

The campaign also uses the brand slogan “Learn To Live, Live To Learn”, encouraging students to “Apply Today” providing the university’s official website and hotline. Other visuals portray students carrying their binders, books, and bags, ready to receive world-class, innovative educational experience. The campaign's main color scheme is blue which gives feelings of security, stability and reliability. 

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