With a population of over 100 million, Egypt offers the largest market in number of consumers and revenue potential in the MENA Region. Marketing and Advertising professionals compete fiercely to gain their share of the big pie, struggling with budgets, new competitors, and ever-shifting target audiences every season.

Last August, an OOH campaign advertised The Marketers League, a marketing event focused on discussing the power of Advertising. We have had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Samer Farrag from San & Sam, the organizing company behind this one-of-a-kind event and discussed what makes this event so successful.

As a marketer himself, Mr. Farrag understands well the challenges that marketers face in Egypt. After several years organizing events for brands in diverse industries, San & Sam decided to build a collaborative space where marketers could share resources and find the right providers for their campaign needs. Connecting marketers with advertising agencies nationwide was the first step – two sides of the same industry that rarely find opportunities to bond. Networking with like-minded professionals to share ideas and learn from each other came next.

Mr. Farrag explains that The Marketers League is an association created by and for Marketers, with the sole aim of connecting Marketing and Advertising professionals across industries and helping them develop their careers. The organization is a living element, that keeps growing as more professionals sign up to be part of the League.

The three pillars that have made this association so successful, Mr. Farrag says, are Entertainment, Education, and Advertising potential – conferences, workshops, networking opportunities, and discounts on some leading outlets across Egypt that seem to be genuinely appreciated by the League’s members.

“After building the community, it is very important to keep it alive. That’s why we are always in the lookout for potential partnerships that can benefit our members” – Mr. Farrag adds.

The upcoming conference, which will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in Heliopolis on 6th and 7th November, will host international PR expert David Meerman Scott as keynote speaker, as well as the top marketers of Egypt. A varied program will discuss the latest trends in Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Mr. Farrag explains that the main focus of the event is to share tips and tricks and best practices across marketing: “Our members need to know what is going on in the ground, with real-life examples. People are tired of academics and fictional case-studies that do not help them in their day-to-day jobs. This event is the perfect opportunity for sharing success stories from Egyptian marketing professionals, something they can relate to.”

The OOH campaign launched in August was the first step of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Mr. Farrag states that they implement online and offline marketing initiatives to connect with potential members, but above them all outdoor still is the main medium to reach audiences in Egypt: “People don’t have time for TV. And when you’re in the car, your radio is on low volume because you need to make calls out to clients. Therefore, the main medium to reach people is the billboards on the road”.

Top Marketing event The Marketers League launches third conference-00
Top Marketing event The Marketers League launches third conference-00

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