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Mona Zaki and Aseel Omran Shine on Cairo’s OOH with Elvive’s New Extraordinary Oil Collection
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Mona Zaki and Aseel Omran Shine on Cairo’s OOH with Elvive’s New Extraordinary Oil Collection

May 13, 2024 1 week ago
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Creating beauty that moves the world, L'Oréal Paris glimmers on Greater Cairo’s OOH platform with their new campaign “Because You Deserve It” showcasing Elvive’s Extraordinary Oil collection to gain well deserved recognition and establish an eminent reputation of the brand featuring internationally recognized actress Mona Zaki, and Saudi Arabian actress Aseel Omran.

The ad gives a sense of women empowerment using insight that women have various roles of leadership but they need an amount of help to shine on and that dry or damaged hair needs Elvive’s Extraordinary Oil by L'Oréal Paris which focuses maximum attention on hair health and has multiple uses and consists of 6 precious oils. These oils deeply nourish, protect from heat, and give “6x More Shine”, while also controlling frizz for at least 3 days. 

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The ad copy expresses that the collection will keep “Hair Nourished For One Week” and demonstrates the “Nourishing Shampoo”, “Nourishing Conditioner”, and their “Hair Enhancer Serum”, which are all “For Normal TO Dry Hair”. The campaign uses gold as a main color which symbolizes success, achievement, prosperity, luxury, and premium quality, as well as, value, elegance, and prestige, which is a decent and perfect approach for the advert. The ad also embeds goldish bubbles and gold liquid dropping from the serum which gives the impression that the product is of high quality and is a non-greasy formula. 

The renowned actresses Mona Zaki and Aseel are shown with their shiny hair, running their fingers through their hair, resembling how healthy the products have made it from root to tip since it contains a blend of flower extracts. Good thing Elvive produced this campaign right before summer season! 

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