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Dubizzle Property's OOH Splash: Your Gateway to Seamless Property Searches
Awareness Campaign

Dubizzle Property's OOH Splash: Your Gateway to Seamless Property Searches

May 10, 2024 2 weeks ago
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Looking for a villa? An office? Dubizzle Property is your path to a seamless property hunt. The Dubizzle Property D/OOH campaign was displayed during the first week of May on digital screens, bridge billboards, and lampposts in the heart of the UAE, Dubai.

“Everyone’s on Dubizzle Property, Are You?” with this simple and engaging message that conveyed a sense of belonging. On a vibrant red background that catches the eye immediately, along with a group of people holding tiny buildings and emerging out of a mobile phone that conveys an instant and easy process across the application. Along with the renowned Dubizzle logo. Another visual was using the blue color, which symbolizes stability and professionalism and conveys security.

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What’s worth mentioning is that Dubizzle recently launched a D/OOH campaign back in February of this year, promoting Dubizzle cars in the United Arab Emirates. 

Visit our Insiteopedia and browse through its various parts to find out more about the OOH sector and more about outdoor campaigns in the United Arab Emirates.

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