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Hills Developments Bring In Cloudside on Cairo’s OOH Scene

Hills Developments Bring In Cloudside on Cairo’s OOH Scene

May 12, 2024 2 weeks ago
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Real estate company Hills Developments presented their latest project Cloudside on Greater Cairo’s outdoor advertising platform with a campaign logo featuring a cloud shape to represent individuals coming together to form a supportive community.

The advert aims to deliver audiences their dream homes with captivating visuals that show how “Everything Is Up”  with a cloudy approach and artistic theme. The campaign also highlights the idea that the compound is beside everything a family might need such as a green area, a place to chill and have a cup of coffee, a gym and place to exercise, an arcade or game arena with a pool table, and relaxing indoor zones, all laying up in the clouds conforming to the alluring visuals and pastel color palette. 

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The images give the impression that they are in high areas and are rising in the air. Designed to captivate and inspire, the ad is infused with vision, expertise, and creativity, ensuring that Cloudside gets well-deserved attention. 

Positioning middle-income buyers, the brand offers trendy yet affordable prices, differentiating itself with unique residential experiences with a stunning creative concept. The clouds in the visuals also symbolize elevation with the combination of the letter “h” in “hills” which takes the contours of the hills representing the brand character, with a color palette from the spirit of hill atmospheres and their tone.

The ad also provides the company’s hotline and website for additional info. 

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