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Al Ahly Sabbour's 'Summer in North Coast' Billboards Spark Magic
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Al Ahly Sabbour's 'Summer in North Coast' Billboards Spark Magic

May 9, 2024 2 weeks ago
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The "Summer in North Coast" billboard campaign by Al Ahly Sabbour masterfully captures the essence of an idyllic summer retreat, making it a standout example of effective outdoor advertising. Set against the vibrant backdrops of the North Coast’s picturesque scenery, the billboards feature a diverse group of joyful, active people enjoying their summer. This inclusion of human elements fosters a strong personal connection with viewers, evoking feelings of excitement and relaxation that are synonymous with summer vacations.

Color plays a crucial role in this campaign. The predominant use of calming blues evokes the tranquility of the sea and sky, while bursts of yellow and orange inject warmth and energy, enhancing the overall appeal. The strategic use of white for text ensures that the message is clear and legible, even from a distance.

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The campaign’s message promotes the North Coast as the perfect summer getaway. Phrases like "Days of Magic" promise a memorable and extraordinary vacation experience. The imagery and text combined emphasize the destination’s allure to a broad audience, highlighting Al Ahly Sabbour’s commitment to creating vibrant and inclusive destinations.

This campaign follows in the footsteps of their earlier At-East project, maintaining Al Ahly Sabbour's high standards in advertising excellence. It serves as a continuation of their visual and thematic storytelling on billboards, further establishing the brand's strong presence in the market and showcasing their expertise in crafting visually appealing and emotionally resonant advertising.

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