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Deca Arabian Hills Where Life Begins on OOH Advertising Billboards in UAE
Awareness Campaign Residential Project Dubai

Deca Arabian Hills Where Life Begins on OOH Advertising Billboards in UAE

May 3, 2024 3 weeks ago
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The latest billboard campaign for Arabian Hills Estate by Deca Properties strategically highlights the luxurious offerings of this expansive community in Dubai. Utilizing digital screens, hoardings, and uni-poles across prominent locations, the campaign effectively captures the essence of high-end living with visually striking imagery and a compelling color scheme of black and gold. These elements together underscore the exclusivity and premium nature of the estate.

The billboards cleverly integrate images of equestrian sports and scenic aerial views of the development, resonating well with the target audience—affluent families and individuals seeking a blend of leisure and luxury. The tagline "Life Begins at Arabian Hills Estate" further enhances this message by suggesting a transformative living experience awaiting future residents.

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Moreover, the campaign's use of clear and direct call-to-action phrases, such as the phone number prominently displayed and details about the "5 Year Payment Plan starting at AED 1.4M," provides immediate incentives for potential buyers to engage further. This straightforward approach in communication ensures the campaign's message is easily understood and acts as a prompt for potential investors and residents to take the next step.

Deca's previous billboard campaign highlighted their collaboration with Karma Developers to launch "Trinity," conveniently located just five minutes from Dubai Hills Mall.

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