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Greater Cairo's OOH Market Insights Data for March 2024, Real Estate Still the Top Industry

April 29, 2024 4 weeks ago
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This monthly report analyzes trends in outdoor advertising, including the D/OOH market, to understand how these trends reflect the current state of Egyptian businesses.

Occupancy Rate Decline

We'll specifically look at the occupancy rate, which increased 1.9% from February 2024's rate of 81% to 82.9% in March.

Sector Analysis

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Real Estate: March 2024 scored a 11.6% lower occupancy rate in comparison to itself during February 2024. This sector is always outperforming itself and the whole OOH industries’ participants.

Telecommunications: The Telecommunications sector’s activity scored a 1.8% increase compared to February 2024.

Media & Broadcasting: This month is considered the highest month scoring 10.1% Media & Broadcasting OOH occupancy with an 8.6% higher rate than previous month.

Foodservice: The Foodservice industry displayed a 2.8% increase in activity compared to the month prior.

Financial Services: This industry witnessed an increase since last month, with a total of 5.8% of the total campaigns launched during March 2024, and a 1.6% higher in comparison to itself during February 2024.

Year-on-Year Comparison

Occupancy Rate Incline

The OOH sector as a whole saw an amazing 9.5% raise in occupancy in March 2024 compared to the same month in 2023, notwithstanding the monthly swings

Sector Analysis

Real Estate: March 2024 marked a 0.2% decrease in the Real Estate sector's activity rate compared to the same month in 2023.

Telecommunications: Telecommunications sector witnessed a 0.9% increase in outdoor advertising activity compared to the same month in the previous year.

Media & Broadcasting: This sector showcased a 2.1% decline in activity compared to the previous year.

Foodservice: The Foodservice industry experienced a 1.7% increase in activity compared to March 2023.

Financial Services : The Financial Services sector witnessed a 2% increase in comparison to the same month in 2023.


Greater Cairo's OOH advertising market displayed positive signs in March 2024. The overall occupancy rate increased by 1.9% compared to February 2024, highlighting a growing interest in this advertising medium. While the real estate sector, which consistently dominates OOH space, saw a slight dip month-on-month, other sectors like Telecommunications, Media & Broadcasting, Foodservice, and Financial Services all experienced growth.

Looking at the year-on-year trends, the OOH market remains strong with a significant 9.5% increase in occupancy compared to March 2023. Interestingly, even with a slight decrease from the previous year, the real estate sector continues to be a major player in OOH advertising. This report indicates a healthy and evolving OOH landscape in Greater Cairo, with diverse industries leveraging its reach to connect with consumers.

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