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Highlighting Top Outdoor Advertising in Greater Cairo for March 2024

April 29, 2024 4 weeks ago
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Greater Cairo's outdoor advertising scene boomed in March 2024, though real estate saw a dip in dominance. While it remained the leading industry, it only secured 6 spots in the top 20 campaigns. This month, other sectors like Media & Broadcasting, eCommerce, and Food & Beverages made a bigger splash, with each having over 10 campaigns featured in the top 20.

Noteworthy Changes

With new players emerging alongside the traditionally dominant real estate sector. Although real estate maintained the top spot, its presence in the most prominent campaigns shrunk to just 6 entries.

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Top Five Campaigns

The MarQ Communities (192 ad faces): Leading Egyptian real estate developer Marq Communities launched a comprehensive OOH advertising strategy across Greater Cairo. This multifaceted campaign utilized diverse OOH formats and strategic placements throughout the city, securing a coveted position within the top 5 campaigns based on occupancy rate for the month. Notably, the campaign featured prominent Egyptian celebrities, including Menna Shalaby, Amr Youssif, Hala Sarhan, Ghada Adel, Mai Omar, and Ahmed Malik.

SA'ADA New Cairo ( 161 ad faces): Following their captivating teaser campaign featuring international celebrity Georgina Rodriguez, Sa'ada New Cairo, a development by Horizon Egypt Developments, has returned to dominate both Cairo's streets and television screens this Ramadan. Sa'ada New Cairo offers a sanctuary of exquisite twin houses and standalone villas, meticulously designed by renowned architects to deliver the ultimate in privacy and luxurious living.

DMC (128 ad faces): DMC Outdoor Ads illuminates Cairo's streets with a captivating series of billboards featuring a stellar cast of celebrities. The campaign seamlessly blends the popularity of beloved actors to create a visually engaging experience. Each billboard utilizes a branded purple background, prominently showcasing the celebrities alongside the DMC logo. The text "The month of joy" underscores the festive spirit of Ramadan and hints at the exciting lineup viewers can expect from DMC's upcoming series.

TBD (118 ad faces): A mysterious outdoor advertising campaign featuring international celebrity Georgina Rodriguez has recently taken Cairo by storm. The campaign utilizes a strategic mix of traditional and digital OOH elements, blanketing key locations across the city with captivating visuals. This multi-format approach serves to maximize reach and visibility, effectively piquing the interest of Cairo residents.

ON E (115 ad faces): ON E is amping up excitement for Ramadan 2024 with a D/OOH campaign featuring returning stars from their popular series. This year's campaign utilizes the same design and color scheme as last year, focusing on showcasing the upcoming Ramadan shows instead of introducing entirely new visuals. Prominent placement of the ON E logo aims for maximum brand recognition.

March 2024 witnessed a dynamic shift in Greater Cairo's OOH advertising landscape. While real estate remained the top industry, its dominance slightly waned, paving the way for a surge in campaigns from Media & Broadcasting, eCommerce, and Food & Beverages. These sectors each secured over 10 spots in the top 20 campaigns, showcasing a broader range of advertised products and services.

To get a full picture of the other 20 top campaigns in Cairo's OOH rankings, check out the accompanying visuals.

Additionally, for a deeper dive into March 2024 Market Insights, explore detailed data and statistics for the latest analysis of Cairo's billboard landscape.

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