Orange Egypt has launched a second OOH campaign during September to announce their ready 4G service to Egyptian users across the country.
Different from their football campaign, the brand keeps focusing their efforts in developing the latest technology for the market – an strategy that has certainly helped the brand become one of the market leaders since their arrival in Egypt.
The ads simply showcase “Get ready. 4G” up front over the regular black background, with the usual branding elements distributed around the edges of the ad. Supplementary ad copy informs viewers that they can upgrade their SIM cards at no cost in any Orange store.
Launched in the second half of September, the campaign replaces the previous one and uses Large and X-Large uni-poles, Double-decker poles, Serials, Lightboxes, T-poles, Flags, and Gates across the Greater Cairo.

Get ready for Orange 4G-00
Get ready for Orange 4G-00

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