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Spiro Spathis Promotes its Presence in Every Gathering on Cairo’s Billboards
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Spiro Spathis Promotes its Presence in Every Gathering on Cairo’s Billboards

April 1, 2024 2 weeks ago
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Spiro Spathis is gracing Cairo's billboards with a heartwarming campaign that celebrates the essence of gatherings, a mark of Ramadan, and, of course, Spiro Spathis’ essential role in them.  

Following their last ambiguous teaser campaign, the food and beverages brand campaign radiates warmth and joy, depicting a family coming together presumably for a Ramadan iftar. The accompanying tagline reads, "Every Gathering has an Elder/Big One", playing on the dual meaning of the Arabic word and filling in the blanks of their previous teaser ad copy. This seemingly simple message holds a powerful message. On the surface, it emphasizes the importance of family in Egyptian culture.

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But the word "Kebir" carries another layer of meaning – it can also represent the "life of the party," the one who injects vibrancy and fun into the gathering. Here, the campaign subtly suggests that Spiro Spathis products themselves embody this spirit. They are the essential element that elevates any occasion, transforming it into something truly special.

The warm family photo evokes a sense of togetherness, allowing viewers to connect with the message on a personal level.  Whether it's a cherished family reunion around a large Ramadan feast, a lively gathering with friends, or a momentous celebration,  Spiro Spathis positions itself as the element that elevates the experience with its popping soda,  bringing warmth and joy to the occasion.

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