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Egyptian Food Bank Adding Hope in Ramadan Across Cairo’s D/OOH Ads Feat Ahmed Dawood
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Egyptian Food Bank Adding Hope in Ramadan Across Cairo’s D/OOH Ads Feat Ahmed Dawood

April 1, 2024 3 weeks ago
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During March, the non-profit organization Egyptian Food Bank has once again taken over the billboards with a new out-of-home campaign to bolster their ongoing efforts in spreading hope and nourishment during this holy time of Ramadan, ensuring that everyone has access to Iftar, the organization's presence on billboards emphasized their dedication to serving the community to mobilize support and encourage individuals to donate to Iftar meals during Ramadan.

 With their green background and recognizable logo, the visuals of the campaign embodied the spirit of generosity and giving, Prominent  Ahmed Dawood in the advertisements, urging viewers to contribute to iftar meals, sought to inspire individuals to come together and make a meaningful difference during the holy month of Ramadan. 

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The ad copy prominently displayed the organization's impressive track record as trustees of zakat funds for twenty years, reinforcing their credibility, additionally, the advertisements included the organization's bank account number for donations and a hotline for inquiries, facilitating easy and direct contributions from the community. 

 The non-profit organization has utilized Digital Out-of-Home advertising to convey a message of compassion, as a radiant display that underlines the commitment to society and works as a reminder for passersby of the importance of Zakat, this strategic placement of digital screens on Zayed Digital Boards, Lebnan, and other main locations by Outsite Agency reflects a calculated geo-distribution to connect with a wide range of audiences, to maximize reach and effectively captivate the intended audience's attention.

To access additional details regarding the Egyptian Food Bank's campaign budget, diverse ad formats, targeted locations, media strategy, various Out-of-Home options, and more, simply reach out to (MOOH)

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