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Infiniti's Ramadan Outdoor Campaign Encourages Embracing the Moment
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Infiniti's Ramadan Outdoor Campaign Encourages Embracing the Moment

March 28, 2024 3 weeks ago
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AW Rostamani Group exemplifies the effectiveness of OOH advertising in reaching a diverse clientele, through its consistent presence and active engagement in the outdoor scene across the UAE, the company demonstrates its commitment to connecting with customers throughout the year with numerous campaigns 

The Arabian Automobiles Company in its latest OOH has launched a captivating campaign that encourages embracing the moment with Infiniti Vehicles (QX55 - QX60) to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan while offering exclusive benefits to potential customers, the introduction of a special 0% interest rate offer for five years, 

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This enticing offer is prominently featured on billboards across various locations using different formats including Uni-Pole - Building Wrapping - Digital Screen - Wall Wrapping, enticing passersby with the promise of exceptional savings and affordability.

The billboards showcase the Infiniti car in a creative concept, ingeniously incorporating the Ramadan crescent into the design, this thoughtful touch adds a festive significance to the holy month.

Infiniti's Ramadan outdoor campaign seeks to inspire individuals to embrace the present moment by aligning the brand's offerings with the values and spirit of Ramadan, and to create a meaningful experience for customers during Ramadan, also the attractive financial offer encourages individuals to embrace the moment and take advantage of the exclusive offer, emphasizing the innovative features of Infiniti cars, highlighting their unmatched performance, elegance, and comfort.

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