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ADIB Encourages Salary Transfers with Up to 100% Cashback Incentive
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ADIB Encourages Salary Transfers with Up to 100% Cashback Incentive

February 8, 2024 2 weeks ago
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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has just arrived on the UAE’s outdoor advertisement scene, following its latest appearance in the banking sector. 

ADIB is offering cashback on salaries, with the potential to get up to 100% back (capped at a specific amount). The primary requirement is to transfer your salary to ADIB, and have the primary banking transaction for the monthly salary at ADIB. Another requirement is to subscribe to specific financial products offered by the bank, including a Personal Finance or Home Finance product and a covered credit card. There are minimum thresholds for both the monthly salary transfers and the usage of the subscribed products. The campaign has a specific end date as well. 

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The ad copy reiterates “GET UP TO 100% OF YOUR SALARY BACK”, and “Transfer your salary and get finances from ADIB”. There’s also the chance for “AED 1 MILLION TO BE WON MONTHLY!”, as they state, by entering the Ghina Draw. The visuals accentuate the text and offer by having a large and eye-catching “100%” sign, along with a bold call to action “NOW!”

The campaign appeared in the UAE on digital screens, uni-poles, and lampposts,  in the fourth week of January. 

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