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Tantalize in the Savory Delight of Loqmat Al Basha at Almashawi Alhalabya Restaurant
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Tantalize in the Savory Delight of Loqmat Al Basha at Almashawi Alhalabya Restaurant

February 5, 2024 3 weeks ago
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Almashawi Alhalabya, the UAE's renowned restaurant in the food service industry known for its authentic and delectable Syrian cuisine, has just appeared on Sharjah’s billboards. They are proud to announce the arrival of a new culinary masterpiece - the Loqmat Al Basha, a dish poised to tantalize taste buds and ignite a symphony of flavors.

Imagine bite-sized pillows of melt-in-your-mouth dough, each one embracing a savory treasure within. The Loqmat Al Basha, meaning "Morsels of the Pasha," lives up to its name, offering an experience fit for royalty. The journey begins with the dough itself, crafted with the utmost care and seasoned to perfection. Each morsel is then meticulously fried, achieving a golden-brown crispness that yields a soft, pillowy interior. But the true magic lies in the filling. Almashawi Alhalabya's chefs have taken inspiration from generations-old recipes, creating a delectable dish. 

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Whether you're a seasoned foodie or simply looking for a delightful culinary adventure, the restaurant promises an unforgettable experience through their outdoor advertisement, saying “A small bite, a large tale”. This tangy delight is “Available now at Dubai, Al Barsha & Sharjah, Al Majaz 2”. These delicious bites appear on the visuals, a savory blend that bursts with flavor with “Meat Shawerma”, full of aromatic spices, and succulent meat. 

The ad popped up in the fourth week of January all over Sharjah, through rooftop billboards, hoardings, digital screens, and lampposts. 

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