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Club Park by Mountain View: Your Key to Experience Happiness Featured on OOH Spaces
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Club Park by Mountain View: Your Key to Experience Happiness Featured on OOH Spaces

February 1, 2024 3 weeks ago
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Following their previous appearance, Mountain View, the real estate giant in Egypt, is launching Club Park, a place that lies right at the core of iCity October, offering a haven that's safe and filled with excitement for the whole family. As the school gates swing open, young children are invited to explore, learn, and have a blast. Along the sun-kissed corniche, the Lighthouse takes charge, hosting a wide array of activities that create a space for the entire family to play and socialize.

Parents can breathe easy, knowing that their children can safely walk to the club without any worries about traffic or missing out on their kids' sports training. Covering a sprawling area of 27 feddans, MV CLUB is set to feature courts and halls for various sports like football, Padel, tennis, basketball, Olympic pools, and a whole range of other exciting activities.

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At the heart of MV CLUB's philosophy is the belief in the intrinsic value of play, which provides members with a joyous and secure environment to connect and grow. The club also emphasizes the importance of character development through sports, as well as cultural and artistic activities facilitated by multiple academies led by Olympic champions.

And the best part? Being located in the heart of 6th October means just moments away from the ultimate leisure experiences and only a few minutes away from all the other things that matter. Their ad copy "We live it differently" and “Experience Happiness” reflect their vision, next to an image of inspiring girl tennis players. Below the text, it says "Clubpark Launching Now October" and "City Living by Mountain View."

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