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Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2024 Calls for All Change Makers on Dubai’s OOH
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Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2024 Calls for All Change Makers on Dubai’s OOH

February 2, 2024 2 weeks ago
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The city of Dubai is renowned for its vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, that's why Sharjah once again hosts the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2024, having played a pivotal role in fostering innovation and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs. 

This year, SEF has launched an exciting outdoor advertising campaign that captures the essence of the festival. With billboards emblazoned with the powerful tagline "Where Changemakers Converge," Sharjah’s Entrepreneurship Festival aims to attract a diverse group of entrepreneurs, providing them with a platform to connect, learn, and thrive. The billboards are designed to feature imagery representing the diversity and innovation that thrives within the festival, creating an impact and igniting the entrepreneurial spirit within passersby.

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By highlighting the tagline "Where Changemakers Converge," the campaign signifies the festival's objective of creating a vibrant ecosystem that encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking. The ad copy also notes the festival’s theme “Our Shared Canvas’” where one can encapsulate the essence of entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs can positively transform lives worldwide. 

The billboards host multiple of this year’s key speakers, including Abdulrahman Abu Malih, Chris Barton, Jessica Kahawaty, Salama Mohamed, Abo Flah, and many more, giving passersby a glimpse of what’s to be expected from the festival’s workshops, panel discussions, keynote speeches, and networking events. In addition, the ad spaces note the festival’s commencement date, 3rd of February, and continuing until the 4th. Lastly, other than the event organizer “Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center,” the festival’s partners EMAAR, ARADA, and Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park are subtly mentioned in the outdoor campaign.

The campaign was showcased on hoarding billboards and Digital Screens in the fourth week of January.

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