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Real Estate Stays on Top This December 2023: Brouq Developments Secures the Lead

January 31, 2024 2 weeks ago
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December 2023 concludes with a robust display of advertising dominance in Greater Cairo, particularly within the real estate sector. Among the Top 20 campaigns, 12 belong to real estate, showcasing a notable surge in branding efforts. The Food & Beverages industry also maintains a solid presence, with three campaigns securing positions in the coveted Top 20.

Noteworthy Changes

One standout development is the entrance of CH Developments into the Top 20, marking a remarkable climb from 20th place in November 2023 to an impressive 8th place this month. This upward trajectory underscores the effectiveness of CH Developments' strategies in capturing attention and engagement.

Top Five Campaigns

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1. Brouq Developments (128 ad faces):
Brouq Developments takes the lead in the December 2023 rankings with a distinctive out-of-home branding campaign. The predominantly blue theme, featuring stars and motivating slogans, reinforces the real estate developer's commitment to "Building Lives" and "Elevating Standards." Through this visually compelling initiative, Brouq Developments aims to set itself apart in the competitive real estate realm, emphasizing dedication to excellence and a mission to raise industry standards.

2. Town Writers (112 ad faces):
Formerly known as Eight Developments, Town Writers introduces a new chapter with a fresh out-of-home campaign across Cairo's bustling streets, particularly in New Cairo. Diverging from the previous December 2022 campaign, this initiative underscores the developer's rebrand and features light-colored visuals with clear fonts, reflecting a renewed design approach. The rebrand follows a strategic alliance with LXIAS, anticipating the unveiling of their 2024 project.

3. MBG Development (105 ad faces):
After an absence since August 2021, MBG Developments makes an impactful return to Cairo's out-of-home scene with a radiant campaign featuring actress Dorra Zarrouk. The visuals, draped in a luxurious gold theme, tease exciting developments. Aligned with Dorra Zarrouk's values, MBG aims to be a trusted companion, creating lasting experiences and building havens for life's precious moments. The tagline "Stay tuned" invites viewers to follow MBG's journey and discover upcoming projects.

4. Saudi Egyptian Developers (87 ad faces):
Celebrating a remarkable 45-year partnership, Saudi Egyptian Developers (SED) showcases their enduring commitment to excellence and trust. The predominantly white campaign backdrop highlights the distinctive SED logo, symbolizing clarity and unity, while emphasizing optimism and excellence in their nature-oriented and architecturally artistic projects throughout Egypt.

5. Pril (66 ad faces):
Making a triumphant return after nearly three years, Pril's campaign transforms routine dishwashing into a golden opportunity. Set against a fresh blue backdrop, the visuals promise cleanliness and offer a chance to win gold or fantastic gifts, positioning Pril as the optimal choice for dishwashing cleanliness.

As 2023 concludes, the Top 20 campaigns in Greater Cairo reflect the dynamism and competitiveness of the advertising landscape. Real estate remains a dominant force, with branding efforts intensifying. The notable entrance of CH Developments and the resurgence of MBG Developments underscore the industry's adaptability and strategic prowess. Each campaign brings a unique flair, contributing to the vibrant visual tapestry that defines Cairo's advertising scene. As we step into a new year, these campaigns set the stage for continued innovation and creativity in the realm of out-of-home advertising.

To get a full picture of the other 20 top campaigns in Cairo's OOH rankings, check out the accompanying visuals.

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