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NOVA Square's Out-of-Home Campaign A Breakdown by El Bostany and Yasser Abdallah Group
Awareness Campaign Commercial Project New Cairo East Cairo

NOVA Square's Out-of-Home Campaign A Breakdown by El Bostany and Yasser Abdallah Group

January 31, 2024 2 weeks ago
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In the sprawling expanse of Greater Cairo, an attention-grabbing out-of-home campaign is creating waves, introducing an extraordinary real estate endeavor set to grace the landscape of East Cairo's New Cairo. A collaboration between two prominent entities, Al Bostany for Real Estate Development and Yasser Abdallah Group, this strategic partnership aims to bring to life NOVA Square—a groundbreaking commercial, administrative, and medical project that promises to redefine the essence of contemporary urban living.

Al Bostany, a distinguished real estate developer with a rich history of successfully executing over 200 residential and massive investment projects tailored to diverse needs, joins forces with Yasser Abdallah Group—a seasoned entity specializing in engineering, real estate consultancy, construction, and investment. The result is a project strategically positioned in the heart of New Cairo, offering direct vistas of Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis and mere minutes from the bustling South 90th Street.

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NOVA Square's allure lies not only in its prime location but also in its versatile unit offerings, with commercial spaces starting at 16 sqm and medical and administrative areas at 25 sqm. The campaign's visuals, mirroring a galactic odyssey, encapsulate the project's overarching goal: to "Inspire Your Experience." This collaboration is poised to infuse the New Cairo skyline with expertise, efficiency, and a touch of celestial innovation, promising a transformative experience for future inhabitants.

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