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CFI's Trade Safely Campaign Takes Center Stage on Dubai and Sharjah's OOH
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CFI's Trade Safely Campaign Takes Center Stage on Dubai and Sharjah's OOH

January 30, 2024 3 weeks ago
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Living in an era where technological advancements are a double-edged sword, the frequent news of data breaches instills a sense of caution, particularly when our financial information is at stake. Recently, billboards across Dubai and Sharjah showcased a campaign from a "Category 1 Licensed Broker" approved by the UAE's Securities & Commodities Authority.

These billboards presented a minimalist branding approach with a powerful message – "Trade Safely." The bilingual ad, accompanied by a seat belt symbol, effectively communicates the importance of safety against a clean white backdrop, catching the attention of passersby. The strategic use of dynamic and traditional billboards aims to reach a broad audience and underscores CFI's message to the public.

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Adding to its regional out-of-home presence, CFI seized the spotlight with its most recent billboard campaign in Egypt featuring Pep Guardiola

For those intrigued by the Buy Now Pay Later and Investment-Driven billboard campaigns in the UAE and Egypt, more details are just a click away.

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