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Rexona Announces Its Official Sponsorship of 2024 AFCON on Cairo's Billboards
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Rexona Announces Its Official Sponsorship of 2024 AFCON on Cairo's Billboards

January 29, 2024 3 weeks ago
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in recent years, Rexona has solidified its position as a brand that supports athletes Rexona has taken significant and dedicated steps to support Rexona's sponsorship of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 to uplift and celebrate women in sports. 

After its last creative concept outdoor campaign, Rexona this month returns to the outdoor arena with a new campaign to raise the nation's spirit by cheering on the national team, highlighting the brand's official sponsorship of the 2024 AFCON

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Cairo's billboards adorned with visuals have sprung up capturing the attention of passersby, featuring some of the most famous players participating in the AFCON tournament, with a particular focus on Moh Salah

The billboard prominently emphasizes that Rexona's protection will last for 72 hours, reinforcing the idea that the audience can rely on Rexona to keep them feeling fresh and confident, Rexona is reshaping the perception of what it means to be an athlete. The brand's commitment to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and self-confidence is evident in its choice of sponsorships and creative campaigns.

Beyond its outdoor campaign, Rexona's sponsorship of the 2024 AFCON further solidifies the brand's commitment to sports and athletes. As one of Africa's most prestigious football competitions, the AFCON draws significant attention from fans, players, and brands alike. Rexona's official sponsorship demonstrates its dedication to supporting the sport and the athletes who participate in it.

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