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December 2023 Outshines Last Year with 8% Surge in OOH Occupancy

February 1, 2024 2 weeks ago
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Embark on a journey through December 2023's Market Insights as we delve into the vibrant landscape of Greater Cairo's out-of-home industry. This comprehensive analysis dissects occupancy rates, explores major sectors, and provides a valuable year-on-year comparison, offering crucial insights for businesses navigating the region.

Occupancy Rate Decline

In the dynamic realm of out-of-home advertising, Greater Cairo witnessed a 2% decline in occupancy throughout December 2023, settling at an overall rate of 81%. This slight dip is compared to November 2023.

Sector Analysis

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Real Estate: December 2023 saw a 3% downturn in the Real Estate sector's activity rate compared to November 2023.

FMCG Industry: In contrast, the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector, encompassing food & beverages, cleaning products, cosmetics & personal care, and pharmaceuticals & biotech, experienced a noticeable 6% surge in activity compared to the prior month.

Public Administration: The Public Administration industry faced a 2% decline in activity during December 2023 when juxtaposed with the preceding month.

Telecommunications: Similarly, the Telecommunications sector witnessed a 2% decrease in outdoor advertising activity compared to November 2023.

Healthcare: The Healthcare industry displayed a 1% downturn in activity compared to the month prior.

Year-on-Year Comparison

Occupancy Rate Incline

Despite the monthly fluctuations, the OOH sector as a whole experienced an impressive 8% increase in occupancy in December 2023 compared to the same month in 2022.

Sector Analysis

Real Estate: December 2023 marked a 3% decrease in the Real Estate sector's activity rate compared to the same month in 2022.

FMCG Industry: In a positive turn, the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector showcased a noteworthy 5% increase in activity compared to the previous year.

Public Administration: The 8% increase in Public Administration sector occupancy in December 2023 is mainly due to the recent presidential elections in the region, with the previous year showing little noticeable activity for the sector.

Telecommunications: Contrastingly, the Telecommunications sector witnessed a 5% decrease in outdoor advertising activity compared to the same month in the previous year.

Healthcare: The Healthcare industry experienced a 3% decline in activity compared to December 2022.


As we conclude this journey through December 2023's Market Insights, the Greater Cairo OOH landscape reveals its intricate dance of occupancy rates and sector-specific dynamics. While the overall occupancy declined slightly compared to the previous month, the year-on-year comparison paints a more optimistic picture, showcasing an 8% increase in the OOH sector's occupancy. Each sector's unique journey, from Real Estate to FMCG, Public Administration, Telecommunications, and Healthcare, adds depth to our understanding of the region's advertising pulse.

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