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Dubai's Out-of-Home Carpet Centre Ad for Free Home Trial in a Touch of Creativity
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Dubai's Out-of-Home Carpet Centre Ad for Free Home Trial in a Touch of Creativity

January 26, 2024 3 weeks ago
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The well-established supplier of premium carpets, Carpet Centre has just unveiled a new creative outdoor advertising campaign featuring their most unique feature: a free home carpet trial.

Carpet Centre's outdoor campaign focuses on the convenience aspect of their free home carpet trial. The free home trial is a stress-free carpet shopping experience where one gets to try before they buy. The billboard design hosts die-cuts of vertically placed carpets. The three-dimensional representation of the carpets adds depth and dimension to the advertisement, making it stand out from traditional flat billboards. In addition, utilizing die cuts sets the advertisement apart from competitors, showcasing the brand's creative approach to advertising and demonstrates their commitment to innovation. The visual also gives the audience a glimpse of Carpet Centre’s wide range of carpet options to choose from and try. 

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By using red in the billboard design, Carpet Centre captures the attention of passersby and makes the advertisement more noticeable amidst other competing stimuli. The ad copy also notes Carpet Centre's website, adding a call to action for passerby to easily acess their free carpet home trial now. 

The creative concept campaign popped up in Dubai for the first time on die-cut bridge billboards in the third week of January. 

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