Real estate developer Residence Development has launched their first OOH campaign of the year to advertise the launch of Phase II of Aroma Residence in Sokhna.
Over a yellow branded background, the ads showcase images of the upcoming phase, as well as smaller pictures that represent the generic concept of the project, such as sunbathing, playing football or windsurfing. Under the slogan “Life is a beach”, the ad copy offers details about the payment plan and the hotline of the sales office.
The campaign started on digital screens at the beginning of September, spreading to other OOH types and sizes during the second half. At present, the ads can be seen on Large and X-Large uni-poles, Double-decker poles, Chassis, Megas, and Flags across several districts of Greater Cairo.

Aroma Residence launches Phase II-00
Aroma Residence launches Phase II-00

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