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Pafix, Where Future of Money Planned! OOH Billboards to Announce the Exhibition
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Pafix, Where Future of Money Planned! OOH Billboards to Announce the Exhibition

November 20, 2023 2 weeks ago
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PAFIX returns to Cairo's Ad Scene after making a splash in Cairo's outdoor advertising last year, the Digital Financial Inclusion, Fintech, Insurtech, and Banking ecosystem exhibition and conference, is set again to captivate potential customers with an enriching experience, delving into various topics, including cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology with several networking opportunities, fostering connections and collaborations within financial technology in PAFIX 2023.

This year's edition from November 19 to 22, unfolds as part of the Cairo ICT Exhibition, the 27th international technology fair and forum for the Middle East and Africa, held at the Egypt International Exhibitions Center (EIEC).

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The PAFIX Black billboard, boldly announces the event's return, highlighting the event's venue and proudly showcasing PAFIX, powered by the Central Bank of Egypt, and features CIB Bank and e-finance as a sponsorship, with the Powerful slogan, "The Future of Money," the billboard sets the tone for an event that promises to shape the future of the financial landscape in Egypt.

 worth considering this exciting convergence of financial innovation, PAFIX 2023 stands as a wellspring of knowledge exchange, networking, and exploration, it is an opportunity for those passionate about this industry to gear up to immerse in the latest trends and breakthroughs that will undoubtedly define the future of financial technology in the region.

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