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Colgate's Optic White Toothpaste Stuns Again in a Remarkable Dubai Campaign
Awareness Campaign Dubai

Colgate's Optic White Toothpaste Stuns Again in a Remarkable Dubai Campaign

November 13, 2023 2 weeks ago
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Whoever said taking care of your teeth can't be easy hasn't experienced the brilliance of Colgate. With their innovative approach to oral care, Colgate has mastered the art of making dental hygiene effortlessly convenient!

The renowned global oral care brand has returned to the billboard scene with an impactful campaign that is sure to captivate audiences. After a year since their last billboard presence, where they successfully advertised their Optic White Toothpaste, Colgate is back with a fresh and compelling visual approach.

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The new billboard stands tall against the city skyline, immediately drawing the eye with its vibrant display. Against a fiery red background that symbolizes passion and intensity, Colgate's latest campaign proudly showcases their tagline: "Real Whitening in 3 Days." This concise yet powerful message communicates the effectiveness and quick results that their Optic White Toothpaste delivers.

What sets this campaign apart is the focus on the Colgate Optic White Oxygen toothpaste and overnight whitening pen. By prominently featuring these products on the billboard, Colgate ensures that the audience understands the specific offerings that contribute to the promised whitening results.

The campaign has been showcased in Dubai, in the first week of November as digital screens and lampposts.

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