MadinatNasr for Housing and Development (MNHD) continues the installments of their outdoor campaign for the advertising of their luxury Sarai project.

Gates, double-decker poles, Large and X-Large billboards greet you on  the major roads of Greater Cairo with a variety of messages that are  really making an impact in the industry. Slogans such as “Access to  first class education” or “Key to business opportunities” are just part  of the series that the company started a few months back.

We are very much in love with the clear and direct brand message from  the real estate developer that promises “customizable luxury”.

As we mentioned in our article last 6th November: what  makes this campaign really tick is the simplicity of the artwork: it is  not sophisticated, yet it is of great artistic value, with clear  messages that are arranged in the right places of the ad space.

We are impressed by the new style of advertising of the real estate developer!

Sarai OOH Campaign series-00
Sarai OOH Campaign series-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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