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Hend Sabry, Mayan El Sayed & Garnier to Promote Vitamin C for a Brighter Skin on OOH
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Hend Sabry, Mayan El Sayed & Garnier to Promote Vitamin C for a Brighter Skin on OOH

September 19, 2023 1 week ago
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Following up on their last appearance, Garnier is out and about on Cairo’s outdoor advertising platforms to promote their Vitamin C Serum, with Hend Sabry and Mayan El Sayed.

The skincare product promises to give consumers an instant glow and spotless skin. The serum is designed to fade all types of spots, including darkening and acne marks. The serum from the cosmetics and personal care brand is recommended for those who are tired of dull skin, pigmentation, and dark spots.

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With brighter-than-the-sun skin and doe eyes, Hend Sabry and Mayan El Sayed glow on Garnier’s billboards, with the text “Illuminated with Garnier”. They stamp on the ad that they are the “Number 1 Vitamin C Serum”, and proudly proclaim the fact that they commit to green beauty, Advertiser with vegan and cruelty-free products, and recyclable packaging. The vibrant orange of the visuals associates the brand with the color of oranges, which are a common source of Vitamin C. This creates a visual link between the product and the key ingredient, and Garnier creates a sense of vitality and positivity around the product, emphasizing that using the Vitamin C serum will invigorate and energize the skin.

Hend Sabry and Mayan El Sayed’s large and engaged fan bases help amplify the brand's message and increase its visibility. Additionally, choosing ambassadors of different age groups reflects the diversity of their customer base and promotes inclusivity, as well as how their product can work on varying skin types, which is important when it comes to skincare.

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