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IGI Developments is Continuing its Legacy with an OOH Campaign
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IGI Developments is Continuing its Legacy with an OOH Campaign

September 18, 2023 1 week ago
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A legacy is built on many factors. From the growing development that takes place within an entity and the consistent on-ground presence, to the proof of greatness impacting a large number of people. IGI Developments appears on OOH to showcase its legacy to the public.

The real estate developer’s most recent out-of-home appearance was dedicated to shedding light on the launch of the Starla Views residential phase in West Cairo’s Ashgar Heights.

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As the sought-after annual mega event that is exclusively dedicated to all real estate developers in Egypt, Cityscape, takes place in September, IGI Developments decided to occupy Greater Cairo's diverse billboards to highlight how they aim to “Continue A Legacy” as dedicated billboard spaces showcase all residential projects developed by the developer, other billboards spaces highlight the impact of the real estate developer’s developments as it accommodates “40K Residents” of West Cairo’s inhabitants. The last billboard visuals encourage potential property purchasers to either outright own a “3 Bedroom Apartment” at an amazing price in Ashgar City or purchase their next space in Ashagar Heights with an “Up to 8 Year Equal Installment Plan”. The monetized call to action across all campaign visuals encourages passersby to visit IGI Developments’ booth at Cityscape.  

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