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A Powerful Out-of-Home Campaign to Reveal Avrelle's Haircare Products
Awareness Campaign Zayed Digital Boards (ZDB) New Advertiser Reveal Campaign

A Powerful Out-of-Home Campaign to Reveal Avrelle's Haircare Products

September 13, 2023 2 weeks ago
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Avrelle is a new haircare brand in Egypt that had two OOH campaigns so far to introduce the brand. The first campaign was a teaser campaign that tackled the audience's curiosity and then revealed it in this campaign.

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The campaign is simple yet tells everything that the audience might ask about, such as the products the brand has to offer and the nine of their products, to send the message that the campaign starts with a wide range of products that treat a wide area of hair problems. 

The artwork of the campaign follows the simple school as well, as the colorful products are placed on a plain white background to showcase the products more. Along with this artwork the simple yet powerful tagline “The Powerful of You.” this tagline is a marketing tool that can be used to connect with consumers on an emotional level. It is aspirational, inclusive, unique, positive, and actionable. The tagline suggests that the product or service will empower the user to achieve their goals or become the best version of themselves. This is a powerful message that can resonate with consumers who are looking for ways to improve their lives. The tagline is also versatile and can be used to promote a variety of products or services. When used effectively, it can help brands to build strong relationships with their customers.

The campaign's billboards are strategically placed in high-traffic areas and suburbs throughout Greater Cairo, including East Cairo, West Cairo, and Zamalek. This ensures that the billboards are seen by a large and diverse audience, maximizing the campaign's reach and impact. The geo-distribution of the billboards is carefully planned to ensure that they are visible to both residents and commuters, as well as visitors to the city. This comprehensive coverage helps to create a strong visual presence for the brand and reinforce its message in the minds of consumers.

AD The Egyptian products for the last decade elevated the game of quality, using the herbal knowledge we have since the ancient Egyptians and the technology that the Egyptian laboratories have now.

Avrelle is one of the rising Egyptian brands that shows a lot of promise. You can tell that from the campaign’s execution or the chosen formats in the OOH. The campaign uses static billboards along with digital screens, and this is for various reasons. Static billboards are cost-effective and can reach a large audience, while digital screens offer dynamic content and targeting capabilities. By combining both formats, brands can create a comprehensive campaign that achieves their marketing goals. Static billboards provide a continuous presence, while digital screens add movement and interactivity. This combination can help to capture attention, build awareness, and drive engagement. Additionally, the use of static billboards and digital screens can be tailored to specific target audiences or geographic locations. Ultimately, the choice of formats depends on the brand's unique objectives and target audience. However, the combined use of static billboards and digital screens can be a powerful tool for reaching consumers and building a strong brand.

To learn more about Avrelle’s story and haircare blog or to shop their products, you can go directly to their website.

ADMarka Solutions, the media agency behind the positive results of Avrelle’s campaign, has successfully overcome the three marketing challenges of concept, execution, and distribution to create such a successful OOH campaign.

When it comes to the concept axis, Marka Solutions developed a unique and compelling concept for their OOH campaign. The campaign decided to choose to put the products in the focus of the billboard to draw the undivided attention to the new product and what is has to offer.

The execution or the production challenge that Marka Solutions faced in this campaign, such as whether it will go with ATL, BTL, or TTL. The OOH campaign will be executed on digital screens or traditional billboards. Marka Solutions faced the challenge of determining whether to use Above the Line (ATL), Below the Line (BTL), or Through the Line (TTL) strategies for their campaign. They also had to choose between digital screens and traditional billboards for their Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign, considering cost, flexibility, and creativity. Careful evaluation of marketing objectives, target audience, budget, and desired impact was essential for a successful campaign execution. 

Marka Solutions strategically distributed their campaign materials in bus stops, train stations, and airports to reach their target audience effectively. These high-traffic locations provided ample visibility and engagement opportunities, capturing the attention of individuals in transit or waiting. By understanding their audience's behavior and preferences, Marka Solutions maximized the impact of their distribution strategy.

We can confidently say that Marka Solutions successfully tackled the challenges of concept, execution, and distribution in their OOH campaign for Avrelle. Their unique product-focused concept, well-executed strategies, and strategic distribution in high-traffic locations contributed to the campaign's success.

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