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Pepsi Collaborates with Fawry for Out-of-Home Promo Campaign Ft. Wegz And His Doppelgänger
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Pepsi Collaborates with Fawry for Out-of-Home Promo Campaign Ft. Wegz And His Doppelgänger

May 17, 2023 2 weeks ago
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Pepsi has launched an exciting new out-of-home promotional campaign in collaboration with Fawry, targeting consumers across greater Cairo. The campaign features different types of OOH to maximize reach and visibility, with the brand's favorite color "Blue" dominating all visual elements. The campaign also features the Egyptian singer Wegz as a brand ambassador, along with his doppelganger. This campaign follows their last OOH advertising in March 2023.

The campaign is designed to encourage consumers to buy 250ml or 400ml Pepsi and use the code under the cover to win up to 5 pounds. The visuals feature the brand's logo and product, along with Fawri's logo and the campaign's ambassadors. The tag lines “Pepsi cover worth money,” “Stay thirsty,” “Win up to 5 pounds,” and “You’ll win for sure” are prominently displayed on the visuals.

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The use of Wegz as a brand ambassador is a smart move by Pepsi, as he has a large and loyal following in Egypt. By leveraging his popularity, Pepsi can effectively reach a wider audience and generate excitement around the campaign. The inclusion of his look-alike blogger adds an element of fun and humor to the campaign, further enhancing its appeal.

The use of different types of OOH, including billboards, street furniture, and transit advertising, ensures that the campaign is visible to a large and diverse audience across greater Cairo. The dominant use of blue in the visual elements effectively communicates the brand's identity and reinforces its association with the color.

Overall, Pepsi's new out-of-home promotional campaign in collaboration with Fawry is a smart and effective way to reach consumers across greater Cairo. The campaign's use of different types of OOH, brand ambassadors, and catchy tag lines is sure to generate interest and excitement among consumers, ultimately driving sales and brand loyalty.

To find out more about Pepsi's OOH campaigns, visit Monitoring Out-of-Home  (MOOH), a specialized media intelligence agency and analytic system operating in Cairo and the United Arab Emirates.

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