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Real Estate Developer Emerges in Greater Cairo, Sharing Their Mission with Passersby on OOH
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Real Estate Developer Emerges in Greater Cairo, Sharing Their Mission with Passersby on OOH

May 16, 2023 2 weeks ago
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In the quest for lucrative investment opportunities, both local and international investors are increasingly drawn to Egypt, seeking indicators of sustainable growth. Recent reports have highlighted an impressive 25% to 35% growth rate in the country, which has piqued the interest of new real estate developers eager to tap into the thriving local market.

Among the latest players to emerge on Greater Cairo's out-of-home (OOH) advertising scene is Samco Holding, a dynamic real estate developer executing its inaugural project in Egypt. With ambitious plans to expand its presence through significant real estate ventures in strategic locations such as the New Administrative Capital, the fifth assembly, and Sheikh Zayed City, Samco Holding demonstrates a well-researched investment appetite. The company's thorough market studies have allowed them to identify the needs of the Egyptian market and ensure the development of robust projects capable of competing in this dynamic landscape.

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Today marks Samco Holding's first foray into out-of-home media, as they introduce themselves to the public through an engaging branding campaign. Utilizing relatable individuals in their advertisements, the real estate developer effectively conveys their mission to help customers achieve their goals. Their campaign revolves around the core objective of offering "A World Complete," reflecting their commitment to providing comprehensive and exceptional real estate solutions.

Keen to learn more? Samco Holding's hotline has been strategically placed as a call-to-action within the campaign, inviting interested parties to explore the opportunities they offer.

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