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Pizza Hut Launches an Out-of-Home Campaign in Cairo  Promoting the Ranch Box
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Pizza Hut Launches an Out-of-Home Campaign in Cairo  Promoting the Ranch Box

May 14, 2023 2 weeks ago
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Pizza Hut has recently launched a new outdoor campaign in collaboration with Pepsi in Cairo, Egypt. The campaign focuses on promoting their Ranch Box, a value meal that includes two pizzas and two side dishes, for only 355 Egyptian Pounds. The campaign utilizes a variety of out-of-home (OOH) advertising formats across Greater Cairo to reach a wider audience and generate awareness for the offer. The brand's last appearance on OOH spaces before this campaign in Cairo was in March 2023. 

The campaign features eye-catching visuals of the Ranch Box and its price, accompanied by the Pizza Hut logo, website, and hotline. The visuals are strategically placed in high-traffic areas to maximize visibility and engagement. The campaign includes different OOH formats to appeal to more audiences.

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Pizza Hut's partnership with Pepsi adds another layer of value to the campaign. The Pepsi logo is also displayed in the campaign, creating a sense of synergy between the two brands. The inclusion of Pepsi also reinforces the message of the campaign, as Pepsi is a popular beverage choice to accompany pizza.

The success of the campaign is evident in its distribution across Cairo. The OOH ads are strategically placed in diverse areas, catering to different demographics and lifestyles. The campaign also makes use of digital billboards in highly trafficked areas, such as near major intersections and highways. The use of digital billboards allows for dynamic messaging, maximizing the impact of the visuals and message.

To find out more about Pizza Hut's most recent campaigns, visit Monitoring Out-of-Home  (MOOH), a specialized media intelligence agency and analytic system operating in Cairo and the United Arab Emirates.

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