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Naked Eye 3D

Oreo's Groundbreaking Naked-Eye 3D DOOH Campaign Sets the Standard for Innovation in Early 2023

May 17, 2023 2 weeks ago
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Did you see Oreo's latest digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign? If not, you may have missed out on an incredible interactive experience. The campaign, which featured a naked-eye 3D display, was a sight to behold, and it invited audiences to scan a QR code and engage with the brand in a whole new way.

Back in 2015, the brand created the hashtag #Oreaeclipse, synchronizing with a solar eclipse to allow people in the UK to experience the event through social media, even if they couldn't see it in person due to unfavorable weather conditions. This innovative campaign was a massive success, with over 20 million people engaging with it on social media and sales increasing by 59% in March of that year.

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Since INSITE OOH was astonished by such an outstanding campaign, we’ve decided to dig deeper by interviewing Mr. Ahmed Emam, CSO of the campaign’s media provider, BackLite, to take a glimpse of what’s behind the scenes for executing Oreo’s Scan-to-play campaign.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Suitable OOH Advertising Products

The process starts by approaching the client and understanding their brief and campaign objective in order to consult on what can be suitable for them, OOH advertising products are vast, but each one has a story and different perception; this is the starting point; identify which products fit the most.

It's a mix of both. 3D campaigns now are on the hype, and it's trendy; based on our previous campaigns, the client considered the idea, and we started a discussion from there. It all comes down to the brand and the elements to be used and emphasized, creating the core of how to animate the elements and fit them within the storyboard.

A paradigm shift in the way each product can engage with its audience and amplify its message/product and awareness. Dynamic contents always capture high engagement and recall levels.

Sherine Helal

Ahmed Emam

Chief Sales Officer

"Every campaign is considered a new idea and unique on its own; Oreo campaign's execution is similar to making memories with the target audience that they can always recall."

Measuring Success: Analyzing Feedback and Metrics from OOH Advertising Campaigns

On another side, the cost is a variable factor as it differs from one execution to another based on the storyboard, duration, and amount of animation needed; in general, it comes with a very reasonable cost.

The campaign feedback was very positive, and we were thrilled with the interactions with the campaign message and how it is considered a link between offline and online media platforms.

We were able to interview the creative agency, Lucid Dreams, responsible for the stunning interactive visuals of the campaign to get the full “picture.”

The Creative Process of Developing Engaging 3D Animations for DOOH Advertising

Our first priority was to understand the briefing expectations and analyze the current creative assets of the campaign to determine how we could better adapt them to use the full potential of the screen format while still staying true to the campaign's overall message.

We begin by replicating the point of view of the pedestrian within a digital 3D space to create an illusion of depth. This is essential in order to give the animation the necessary impact and make it stand out from traditional billboards.

We then create simulations until we are happy with the story and the overall look and feel of the animation. Once we are happy with the results, we create a storyboard to present the concept to the client.

After the storyboard was approved, our first-class team of 3D artists worked their magic to create ultra-realistic animations that brought the story to life.

Thinking about a 3D screen is different from thinking about a regular screen. We need to be able to fool the eye into thinking that the elements are coming out of the screen. This requires a combination of technical expertise and creative thinking to ensure that the final product is both visually stunning and communicates the desired message.

When briefing for a 3D billboard project, it's crucial to understand both the limitations and potentials of the format.

One of the unique benefits of a 3D billboard is its potential to go viral and become user-generated content. By creating an immersive and memorable experience for viewers, we can encourage them to engage with the brand on a deeper level. 

Our team is composed of over 20 highly skilled artists who are located in 3 different countries and span four different time zones. This allows us to work around the clock, ensuring that we can deliver high-quality projects like the Oreo 3D billboard.

The Oreo naked-eye 3D campaign in Dubai was a remarkable example of how collaboration between industry leaders can bring about innovative and impactful campaigns. BackLite Media's expertise in outdoor advertising, coupled with Lucid Dreams' cutting-edge technology and design, resulted in a unique and unforgettable experience for audiences. The collaboration between the two companies allowed for a seamless integration of creativity and technology, resulting in a campaign that was both visually stunning and effective in achieving its goals.

The campaign's success demonstrates the importance of collaboration and the potential of technology to transform the advertising industry. Undoubtedly, the campaign has set a new benchmark for immersive and interactive advertising experiences that engage and captivate audiences. In fact, we can recognize it as the best Naked-Eye 3D example in the first quarter of 2023, further highlighting its success and innovation in the advertising territory.

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