Inthe days of online shopping some people are saying that out of home advertising, much like print media, is slowly dying. However I believe that it is still very much alive and provides a great way to create awareness of a business or a specific campaign. But not just any old outdoor advertising is going to cut it in this fast-paced technological world, and so there are certain things that an OOH advertising campaign needs in order for it to work in the modern day.

Even though there has been a clear switch from shopping on the high-street to shopping online; we are still spending plenty of time outside of our homes. And during these time, especially passive moments such as a boring car journey, or being stuck in traffic which is commonly popular in our country, proudly we have managed to run and create one of the most successful outdoor campaigns in Cairo recently duration of two months throughout Nov. & Dec. 2016.

 Careem campaign was quite challenging for us specially that this client has  more than one competitor in the same industry knowing that we were  trying to promote some sort of online application through print media,  we managed to combine our thoughts together with OTS-Mrs. Ghada Mahmoud –CEO- which presents an excellent form of how a client could collaborate with  an agency picking the key locations that would help us reach our goal  and to spread the message and committing to a clear plan that apparently  was amazingly accomplished that all the other competitors in the same  industry are willing to work with us on  similar campaigns so they can  get the same awareness we have managed to do for Careem .

It  was such a great pleasure for us to commit and engage with our viewers  achieving a great success; days and nights full of planning, production,  installation and monitoring as I would like to high light the great  effort of ATL team who dedicated the whole time to assure the quality of our campaign.

Written by:
Essam Salem, CEO /Above the line

The Strategy of Careem's last Campaign-00The Strategy of Careem's last Campaign-01
The Strategy of Careem's last Campaign-00The Strategy of Careem's last Campaign-01

The Art & Science of OOH

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