Al Majed Oud, once again, graces the streets of Dubai with its warm-scented campaigns and offers. In its previous campaign, Al Majed Oud was showing its great selection of perfumes on differently-sized billboards and shared the elegance of its perfumery with the world. 

In this campaign, Al Majed Oud celebrates the holy month of Ramadan by offering 50% discounts to all their customers on their products. The campaign has the feel of celebration all over it, with the design of the “50%” as balloons on the billboard, it looks very sleek and joyous, all the good feels for the holy month of Ramadan with the hashtag #TheScentOfRamadan. The campaign is divided all over Backlite Media, Arabian Outdoor, and Zero3's Mega ComsBridge BillboardsDigital ScreensLampposts, and uni-poles. This makes the campaign more accessible to a wider audience, allowing everyone to take advantage of the offer and share the beauty of Ramadan with everyone else. 

The scent is a very important part of every Ramadan; the white musk, the oud, and all the great aromas of the holy month for its sacred moments and nights. They all bring out a feel and a love we already have but need something to bring out, that is exactly what Al Majed Oud is helping everyone bring into their lives with their amazing offers. 

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