Oreo, the world’s most famous cookie, has just broken records with its new innovative ad in the food and beverages field in Dubai, as well as its major OOH scene! 

Branding itself as a playful brand (just like its slogan “Stay Playful”), Oreo constantly has fun and inventive methods to remain playful. The goal is to create playful connections with other people, families, and of course, Oreo. This was done through recipes, games, doodles, challenges, and some popular forms. Here, however, it's done through a clever marketing campaign and their “Scan To Play” game. 

Oreo makes the best use of front-to-front digital billboards, instead of having the same visuals on both, Oreo decides to create an engaging 3D ad that attracts the audience’s attention. On one end, the yummy snack brand reels them in by “Look Across To Get Playful”, referring to the other digital screen with. an illustrated finger pointing to it. And on the other end, they make it into a call to action to “Scan To Play”. 

The first visuals on the right end showcase that fun side of Oreo, with their famous cookie playing around, flying on top of a paper plane, jumping and swaying on a swing, and, last but not least, dunking into a glass of milk with the milk splashing and forming into their ad copy. This same movement is replicated in the second visual, as Oreos being dipped in milk is a huge part of their ads, branding, and identity, and they’ve created a culture around it. 

On digital screens, the campaign was released in the first week of March by BackLite Media

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