As Ramadan approaches, CBC, the established television broadcasting channel, has launched a massive OOH and DOOH campaign in Cairo, announcing a lineup of exclusive new shows that will be aired during the holy month. The campaign is aimed at capturing the attention of millions of viewers who are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Ramadan, which is considered the most important time of the year for television viewing in the Middle East. 

The campaign, which was unveiled with much fanfare, has generated a lot of excitement among viewers. The lineup of exclusive new series that CBC will be airing includes a mix of dramas, comedies, and reality shows, all of which promise to be must-watch television during the holy month. The network has also enlisted some of Egypt's most popular actors and actresses to star in these new shows, ensuring that viewers will be tuning in to see their favorite stars in action.

The OOH campaign includes billboards and banners strategically placed in high-traffic areas of the city. These eye-catching visuals feature the top stars of CBC's exclusive new series. The DOOH campaign, on the other hand, targets a wider range of viewers by utilizing digital billboards, and screens in public and shopping malls screens. In addition to the exclusive new series, CBC has also promised to air a range of other programs during Ramadan, including special broadcasts of popular Egyptian and international movies, documentaries, and religious programs.

The launch of this campaign by CBC is a clear indication of the importance of Ramadan in the Middle East, particularly when it comes to television viewing. For many viewers, the holy month is a time to come together with family and friends, to break the fast each night, and to watch their favorite shows on television. With this campaign, CBC is hoping to capture the attention of viewers across Egypt, and to provide them with a range of programs that will make this Ramadan a memorable one.

Overall, the OOH and DOOH campaign launched by CBC in Cairo is a testament to the power of television advertising and the importance of Ramadan in Egyptian culture. As viewers eagerly anticipate the start of the holy month, CBC's exclusive new series and other programming promises to be the highlight of their television viewing experience.

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