Talabat, a beloved courier service all across, is announcing a new exciting offer for its customers in its latest OOH campaign in Dubai and Sharjah. In its previous campaign, Talabat featured its brand ambassador Khaled Mokhtar if the prices were on fire, and then answered the question with “Talabat Mart Will Put them Out” entertaining everyone with the use of puns and witty humor. 

In this promotional campaign, Talabat goes in with a bold orange background, catching the attention of everyone who comes across it and planting a sense of urgency in the campaign itself. With a bold white font, Talabat writes “Daily Grocery Deals at 75% Off” giving people a bargain they can’t dream of. The campaign is in English and Arabic. Moreover, it is featured on Digital Screens, Lampposts, Unipoles, and Hoardings. So, with all that and Trinet Outdoor Advertising, Phi Advertising, and Hypermedia, the campaign is truly breaking the OOH scene with its accessibility and excitement. 

Talabat really knows how to make an audience stop and think. It takes a true marketer to let people know what they need, even before they know they need it. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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