DMC has almost all the interesting and important Ramadan shows with all the famous stars that all Egyptians love! Yasser GalalMona ZakiKhaled El NabawyAhmed AminMohamed RamadanAmir Karara, and more, are glamming up on Cairo’s OOH for the latest massive awareness campaign revealing Ramadan shows on DMC.

This is not the first time DMC comes out with a huge campaign for the Ramadan series season, they did that in 2022 and 2021, and they do the same every year. DMC’s Ramadan campaigns are usually huge, clear, and very catchy since they fill them with Egyptian stars. They use their main brand color, purple, for all the backgrounds behind the actors and actresses. 

Moreover, the campaign is very direct since it’s only the series’ name along with a photo of the actor/actress. They only use the Arabic language, to communicate with almost every demography on the street as it’s Egypt’s mother tongue.

The campaign has been spotted in almost all the major and cluttered locations in Cairo, which indicates a geo-distribution that targets a broad audience and therefore introduces the channel to a newer demographic. It also came in various sizes to catch the eye of people walking or driving from any direction.

Learn more insights about the DMC campaign by checking out Monitoring Out-of-Home (MOOH, a specialist media intelligence agency and analytic system active in Cairo and Dubai)


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