The New Murabba is a recent megaproject in Saudi Arabia, and it’s made its way to the UAE’s outdoor advertising media. The 800 billion dollar project is one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest real estate projects to date, and you’re about to find out just why it cost all that! Hint, it includes holograms…

The project, which is expected to be finished by 2030, will have a number of immersive experiences that draw on culture, as well as shops, offices, and homes that were constructed with sustainability at their center. It will also have green spaces, walking and cycling routes, and other elements that will improve quality of life by encouraging active, healthy lives and social interaction. The centerpiece of the city will be a cube-shaped tower that is said to be big enough to fit 20 Empire State Buildings!

“A New Horizon” is on the rise with New Murabba, which aims to become “The New Face of Riyadh”. The digital video in the ad displays the map and entrance to the futuristic city, with shots showcasing more science-fiction-esque views inside the impressive, unseen-before structure, and “The Mukaab”. Through the use of digital and virtual technology, the skyscraper will become a fully immersive experience. As a testament to the kingdom's lengthy Islamic past, the building's façade will include intricately carved geometric shapes. Holographics will also be a significant component of the site, enabling visitors to fully immerse themselves in a variety of settings.

The new campaign appeared on the UAE’s hoardings and digital screens in the fourth week of February, aided by media provider Contour Media and BSA.

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Industry: Real Estate

Brand: New Murabba

OOH Size: Digital Screen | Hoarding

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Media Provider: Contour Media | BSA

Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: #ThinkDOOH | Awareness Campaign | Saudi Arabia

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